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So as I said before, I helped Lisa move out of her place on Monday. (I should mention that on Sunday I was over helping her pack stuff up, cart trash down to the dumpster, and dismantle her bookcases. I should also like to mention that I never, never, ever want to carry another cinderblock for as long as I live. That shit just ain't funny, yo.)

We'd figured that if we started around 11 in the morning, we'd be done by 5 that afternoon. Fortunately, it went much better than any of us anticipated; we had to take care of some last-minute packing, so we didn't get back with the truck until around 11:30. Even more fortunately, there were about six or seven of us altogether, so we got all the stuff loaded into the truck by 2.

I tell you what, though--I don't want to carry heavy boxes around for a good long while. I was reminded why I've lived in the same place for four years. And I'm definitely not looking forward to moving out, whenever that may be.

Still, I feel better now than I felt right afterward, so that's good. Still a little stiff, but nothing I can't handle.

Anyway, Monday night we all went out to Duffy's and there was much drinking and good-feeling, after which Lisa and I made our goodbyes, and now she's probably somewhere in Wyoming if she's made her trip schedule. Plus I now have an excuse to visit California, so that's all to the good.

Random note: Monday night we left Duffy's to catch last call at O'Rourke's, and there a woman kept addressing me as "Counting Crows." What the fuck? I mean, what the fucking fuck? I was unaware that I resembled Adam Duritz in any way, shape, or form. I was even more unaware that I had dreadlocks. There's some messed-up people out there.
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