Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Here's trying this again, since I had no luck with posting this before I left.

It wasn't very interesting or original, I'm afraid; I merely had a wish for you all out there to spend some fun time on your vacations watching anime music videos, and here are links to some of my favorites:

Right Now: An AMV to the classic 1991 Van Halen single, based on the original video. Still remains one of my favorite AMVs of all time, and I think everybody on my flist will laugh out loud at least once during the video.

It's Tricky: One of the Otaku Jinrui perennial favorites. Various animes; tune by Run-DMC. (This is the song that had the video with Penn & Teller in it.)

Right Now It's Tricky To Be Shameless: I don't much care for Serial Experiments Lain, but this AMV makes it all better. Song is "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim.

Leaves Of Happaness: And everybody say...Yatta! (Note that the subtitles are accurate translations of what's being sung.)

Ouran Host Club Really Is The Gay Bar: ...with this series, the yaoi practically writes itself. But don't take my word for it-- watch the AMV. (Anime is Ouran High School Host Club; song is by Electric Six.)

My Tra La La: Continuing on with the yaoi theme, here's a Revolutionary Girl Utena one. The homoerotic subtext is pointed out for your convenience! (Song is "The Ding Dong Song" by Gunther and the Sunshine Girls.)

Detachable AMV: Because I am so twelve. A cross-cultural AMV this time-- using not just anime, but Futurama, Daria, and South Park. (Song is by King Missile, and you've already guessed for yourself which one.)


I also came up with a very esoteric nerdy joke, which I think only a few people on my flist will get. Don't feel bad if you don't laugh; if you want explanation, drop a comment below.

And because it's late and I'm exhausted, I'm for bed. I'll give a trip recap another time.
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