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Because intelligence is only given lip service while intelligent kids all over the country have their very souls crushed to powder and because there were fifteen victims of Columbine instead of thirteen and because people who read books for fun are weird in a bad way and because people who read science fiction or watch anime are just pathetic and because there's something wrong with you if you point out the historical errors in historical movies and because using words with more than two syllables gets you laughed at and because if you spend lots of time alone you're a freak and because if you don't play sports you're not a real man and because if you're not up on the latest foolish trend in the girls' magazines you'll never have a boyfriend and because having a romantic relationship should be the end-all be-all of your existence and because "it just isn't right not to care about your appearance" and because fat people are only good for being objects of mockery and scorn and because people whose sexualities don't fit neatly into societal pigeonholes are unnatural and okay to make fun of and because getting upset over being made fun of just means that "you can't take a joke" and because the world thinks that "Internet" equals "World Wide Web" and because e-commerce is supposed to be the point of the Internet and because "there ought to be a law against those freaks on the Internet" and because people can't tell the difference between "hacker" and "cracker" and because grownups aren't supposed to play video games and because "why would anyone want to learn HTML when you can just use a page template program" and because if you're white and bourgeois your pain doesn't hurt...for these and many other reasons, I am a Riot Nrrd.

Originally posted on my diaryland site back in 2001. Re-brought to you by reading too many web forums where saying "ur a fag" is the definition of a cutting insult. Also because, well, I want to put something here to update, but I'm too lazy to come up with original stuff.
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