Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Before I forget: New people on my flist now! Hi, new people! (There's filters and stuff, technically, but I hardly ever write anything on them nowadays, so being on my filters is really only useful if you're planning to look through my archives. But hey, if you really want to, drop a note below...)

Unfortunately, you get another video-game-related post today. (Welcome to Travelogue From My Inner Skull. Come for the nerdiness, stay for the political ranting!)

I realize I never got the chance to update last night about the new songs in Guitar Hero 3, and unfortunately I can't get to the article right now so's I can link to it. But I'll tell you what songs I do remember (which are less than half what's been announced so far--and that's only about half of what's planned to be in the final release):

"Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones
"Sabotage" by Beastie Boys
"My Name Is Jonas" by Weezer
"18 and Life" by Skid Row


"Knights of Cydonia" by Muse.

...Knights of Cydonia.
Oh my god that song will totally pwn me when I try to play it but oh it will be so so so worth it.

(I suppose it's a bit too much to ask for Nightwish's "Wishmaster" to be in the final release. I also suppose it's way lame for me to like "Wishmaster", or any other symphonic-prog-metal for that matter, but I can't help it. It would make an awesome Guitar Hero track--as would the Advent Children version of "One-Winged Angel"--and would that I could be able to play it in real life.)

(Edited to correct my error -- "18 And Life" is by Skid Row and not Poison after all. Also, I am reminded that I forgot to post the news that the official trailer for Fallout 3 has been released, and appears to be the opening FMV from the game, much in the style of the first one. Check it out for yourselves at Bethesda Software's website.)
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