Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

The Vision Of Escaflolne, Episode 6

In which Hitomi's love triangle deepens, more psychic premonitions and foreshadowing (see, Hitomi's not really psychic -- she just read the script on the Internet. Tragically, they don't have Ain't It Cool News on Gaea), Dilandau's sanity leaves the series in a huff (and if that's too soon, make it a minute and a huff), and Folken makes an impassioned plea to Van to join him and together they will rule the galaxy as father and son fight to end war forever (there's a Vietnam-era proverb about what fighting for peace is like, but it eludes me at the moment).

All this and more -- will be mostly left out, glossed over, or simply ignored -- tonight!

Tags: anime, escaflolne, humor, wtf
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