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Resistance or backlash to progressive movements seems to be done through a discourse of "fun." If we let the feminists or environmentalists take over, this backlash says, then they'll take away your cars and your guns, your booze and your television, your red meat and your porn, your video games and your sports, and before you know it, we'll all be sitting around in a gay little flower circle singing Kumbayah. Let the progressives get their way, and there will be No More Fun, Ever. Because everybody knows that feminists or environmentalists are all grim, dour, self-righteous, man-hating, porn-hating, meat-hating, fun-hating victims, with skins thinner than toilet paper, perpetually wound up to go off with great fervor or moral outrage at the slightest perception of anything that doesn't conform to their narrow PC-Fascist world view.

And I think this sort of thing comes about because the people who run the mass-culture present progressive or left-wing ideas very much out of context. We get the moral outrage of that mythical beast known as "The Left," but none of the reasons for why that outrage might exist. For example, Everybody Knows that all feminists are radical feminists, and all radical feminists believe that all heterosexual activity is rape, full stop. And then, as a chaser to that bracing shot, we get a subtextual message of "Surely, nobody in their right mind would think that, would they? Surely, this just proves how unhinged and unbalanced The Left is. You don't want to be like them, do you?"

(What nobody seems to get is the context behind the feminist position, which is: Because sexism is so endemic in society, there is always an inherent power imbalance between men and women; in short, society works constantly to give men power at every opportunity, at the expense of women. And until this power imbalance is redressed, true consent is impossible within a heterosexual relationship. Now, whether or not you agree with that point itself, it's surely much more reasonable than "oh, those feminazis think that all men are evil rapists".)


As others have pointed out -- and as I'm sure I've pointed out myself somewhere before, though I can't think where -- a common "riposte" to left-wing criticisms of sexist/racist/etc. things is "Oh, lighten up; can't you take a joke?" (Note how this doesn't address whether or not the sexism/racism/etc. actually exists, but rather attacks the critic for having the gall to stand up for hirself.)

So, here's a little thought experiment: What's the one thing that always gets a laugh in the movies, every single time? Correct: A guy getting hit in the groin. Given that fact, let's say I go up to people on the street at random, and just give them the ol' boot in the plums. Oh, of course, once they stop writhing in agony on the ground, they'll probably be pretty pissed off-- but all I have to do is say "Hey, look at those people over there! They laughed! What's the matter, can't you take a joke? Hell, I got kicked in the nuts before, and I'm not offended! God, that's what's wrong with this country-- we're so P.C. that we're not even allowed to laugh at a simple joke like a guy getting hit in the balls!"

And then, of course, I can get guest spots on Fox News, and lecturer positions at the Cato Institute, and lots of book deals about how the P.C. Mafia are keeping us all from the innocent pastime of hitting people in the groin, and how this is so much worse than the Holocaust, but The Liberal Media won't say a peep about it.

...yeah, you're right, they'd never do that. The Cato Institute already blew their budget hiring Penn Jillette anyhow. And I'd never get a book deal unless I somehow worked The Threat Of Illegal Immigrants into it.

Trying to get something else together in my head to write about, about Fahrenheit 451 and "Harrison Bergeron" and Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix and Serenity and what they have in common that's more than a little problematic to me. So far, I got nothin', though.
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