Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Sylar can smell your spicy brains

Apparently, this weekend was my weekend to get lost.

Friday night, after a very lovely Chinese dinner in Germantown (round about Wissahickon and Chelton) to celebrate jenn_girl's birthday, we set out in the Yatta!mobile to wend our way back to beautiful scenic Delaware. Since I was in the driver's seat, I figured it would be easiest to just backtrack and go out the same way we came in. The joke, alas, was on me, since the freeway exit we came in on was one-way only. I also discovered the hard way that I am not as gifted at navigating around the Philadelphia metroplex as I thought, so we ended up on a leisurely (if inadvertent) scenic tour of Germantown, Tabor, Fern Rock, the Ogontz Avenue corridor, Springfield, and Flourtown before reaching the Turnpike. Fortunately, we made it the rest of the way home without incident (despite going the long way about on the freeways).

Then, Saturday afternoon, on my way to visit buzz and airgedeach, I must have misread a road sign...and ended up lost in the middle of Camden.
(The ghost of Walt Whitman is laughing his ass off at me.)
Fortunately, I was able to find my way back to where I was going, but... yeah, getting lost for the second time in less than 24 hours, that tends to play a bit rough with one's savoir-faire.

(That, and... I'm just going to say this quietly and politely: WHY THE HELL DOES CAMDEN SMELL SO BAD, I MEAN THAT IS SOME SERIOUS STANK RIGHT THERE)

So, that was my weekend.

Oh, I've also been getting into Heroes, though I probably won't be all caught up on the first season DVDs in time for the second-season premiere tonight. Ah well. I'm enjoying the show nonetheless. And I wish my future self would come visit me with a big sword.
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