Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale


Just random and disjointed things while I wait for reports to finish running.

--I've got $10 here that says that Claire's newfound limb-regenerating ability will prove to be A VERY IMPORTANT PLOT POINT at some time later on in the season.

--I've got another $10 here that says that Hiro will end up being his own great-great-[...]-great grandfather, or at least some sort of close relative.
(Sidenote to Hiro's story arc: The leader of the ronin has a sort of young Toshiro Mifune thing going on, which I think is really cool.)

--So, who all's on the Council Of Hero Elders that's getting killed off one by one? Based on last season, here's what I've come up with:

Kaito Nakamura
Angela Petrelli
Mr. Linderman
Mr. Devaux
Mr. Petrelli (possibly?)

That's all I can come up with offhand, though I thought there'd be more -- and it's also complicated by the fact that as of now, only one person on that list is still alive. Now, I don't know how much Mr. Bennett, "Claude Rains," or The Haitian Sensation are in with that crowd (Ted Sprague did sneer that Mr. Bennett was only a middle-management schlub to them), but Kaito did trust him enough to put Claire into his safekeeping. Which leads me to believe that Mr. Bennett himself is marked for death sooner or later.

As for who's killing them all, my bet's on the scary guy that Molly keeps seeing in her nightmares.

--So, Angela knows when Matt's trying to read her mind. A lucky guess on her part, or a superpower of her own?

--And Angela and Kaito had a thing going on way back when. Hee!

--Next week looks like the triumphant return of Sylar!
(Sylar and River Tam should totally hook up together. Their love is so I-can-kill-you-with-my-brain.)
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