Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

The weather here is a lump of depressing suckage. So, in order that the freezing drizzle doesn't get me down, I'm going to post some links to music videos.

Since WXPN has been doing all sorts of Brit-rock decade by decade, I thought I would post some Brit-rock songs from the 90's that I really enjoy. (The 90's, because that was the decade I really "discovered" non-Top-40 music. And yeah, there's some cringeworthiness in that-- me sitting in my room late at night, listening to 89X and thinking that I was just So Fucking Cool-- but it also meant that I got to hear some really cool stuff when it was popular.)

In no particular order:

Radiohead, "Creep." This song, along with "Nuthin' But A G Thang," always makes me think of the summer of '93.

Blur, "Parklife." This song never fails to put me in at least a small good mood. (Also, it was the first song I ever played on the air as a college radio DJ.)

Pulp, "Common People." Not even William Shatner could make this song suck. Actually, that's harsh--Has Been is actually a pretty good album, and not just because it's a pop-culture gimmick. But I digress. Don't let the pretty video fool you -- this song is actually a pretty scathing social commentary.

Supergrass, "Alright." Man, whatever happened to these guys?

Elastica, "Stutter." Man, whatever happened to these guys? ... oh yeah, they broke up with lots of rage and drama. They made some kick-ass music while they lasted, though.

The Stone Roses, "Love Spreads." A bit of the old-school indie. Kind of like The Pixies without the screaming.

Suede, "Animal Nitrate." I remember that lilyblack had a big Suede poster in her dorm room at U of M, and that she loved this song. A bit artier and more experimental, perhaps, but it grew on me. that's about it. Any suggestions? British bands of the '90s that you think should have been included? (And the first person who says Oasis gets a boot in the plums. Though, speaking of Oasis...)
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