Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

A couple things that have occurred to me recently.

First, some people talk about how December 21, 2012 will end up being some sort of apocalyptic event, involving the end of the world and/or the ascension of humanity to another state of being. Personally, I've got an idea about this: See, what's going to happen on that day is the Church of Scientology is going to merge with PETA, take over LiveJournal, and turn it into a social networking site for furries. As a result of this, everybody on the Internet will explode into a gooey puddle of outraged wank.

It'll be kind of like the End of Evangelion. But with more macros.

Secondly, no, I haven't seen any episodes of Supernatural, but I've heard some stuff about it. And it makes me ruminate: Two brothers? Mother dead? Constantly getting caught up in oogity-boogity shit? Fighting demonic monsters? Fandom with a high proportion of people who want to see the aforementioned brothers in a romantic relationship with each other?

...holy shit, Supernatural is really Fullmetal Alchemist.

(Oh, you may pooh-pooh me now. But if, in the season finale, Sam gets his soul transmuted into the Impala, I will laugh so fucking hard.)
Tags: fandom, humor, lol internet
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