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Lord God Help Us, More Dr. Horrible

Mostly for my own reference, lyrics from my two favorite songs in Act III.

CAPTAIN HAMMER: I'm not the only hero here tonight. I'm not the only one who's fighting.
It may not feel too classy
Begging just to eat;
But you know who does that? Lassie.
And she always gets a treat.

So you wonder what your part is,
'Cause you're homeless and depressed,
But home is where the heart is,
So your real home's in your chest...

Everyone's a hero in their own way;
Everyone's got villains they must face.
They're not as cool as mine,
But folks, you know it's fine
To know your place!

Everyone's a hero in their own way,
In their own not-that-heroic way!

So I thank my girlfriend, Penny.
(Yeah, we totally had sex!)
She showed me there's so many
Different muscles I can flex;

There's the deltoids of compassion,
There's the abs of being kind;
It's not enough to bash in
Heads-- you've got to bash in minds!

Everyone's a hero in their own way;
Everyone's got something they can do.
Get up, go out, and fly!
(Especially that guy--
He smells like poo!)

Everyone's a hero in their own way;
You, and you, and mostly me, and you!

I'm poverty's new sherriff,
And I'm bashing in the slums.
A hero doesn't care
If you're a bunch of scary
Alcoholic bums!


Everyone's a hero in their own way;
Everyone can blaze a hero's trail!
Don't worry if it's hard--
If you're not a friggin' 'tard,
You will prevail!

Everyone's a hero in their own way,
Everyone's a hero in their--

DR. HORRIBLE: [zaps Captain Hammer with his freeze ray and laughs evilly]
Look at these people,
Amazing how sheep'll
Show up for the slaughter.

No one condemning,
You lined up like lemmings
You led to the water.

Why can't they see what I see?
Why can't they hear the lies?
Maybe the fee's too pricey
For them to realize
Your disguise
Is slipping...
I think you're slipping...

Now that your savior
Is still as the grave, you're
Beginning to fear me,

Like cavemen fear thunder;
I still have to wonder,
Can you really hear me?

I bring you pain,
The kind you can't suffer quietly;
Fire up your brain,
Remind you inside your rioting
Is slipping...
Everything's slipping...away...


Go ahead! Run away!
Say it was Horrible!
Spread the word! Tell a friend!
Tell them the tale!
Get a pic! Do a blog!
Heroes are over with!
Look at him, not a word!
Hammer, meet nail!

Then I win! Then I get
Everything I ever--
All the cash! All the fame!
And social change!
Anarchy, that I run!
It's Doctor Horrible's turn!
You people all have to learn,
This world is going to burn!
[to a reporter]: ...yeah, it's two "R"s. "H-O-R-R-", yeah, right--

No sign of Penny,
Good; I would give any-
Thing not to have her see.

It's gonna be bloody--
Head up, Billy buddy,
There's no time for mercy!

Here goes no mercy--!

DR. HORRIBLE: ...That's not a good sound.
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