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manos74 Versus His Adolescent Reading Habits

So, MightyGodKing posted a thing on his website the other day called MightyGodKing Versus His Adolescent Reading Habits. Unfortunately, since it looks like his website has been taken down (wtf, mate?), I can't provide a link to it.

It's a shame, too, because it was a pretty damned hilarious piss-take on various famous SF/fantasy novels and authors, done by photoshopping new titles onto the covers of SF/fantasy novels. For example, Terry Goodkind's Conan the Libertarian, Anne McCaffrey's Mary Sue Gets A Dragon, and George R.R. Martin's Knights Who Say "Fuck".

But it inspired me to do a similar thing on my own, albeit without photoshopped covers. So, without further ado, here's what I was reading as a teenager:

David Drake, Let's Blow Shit Up With Plasma Guns
Robert Aspirin, Horrible Pun Character Names, Vol. 27
Tom Clancy, Infodumps Defeat Communism
Keith Laumer, Everyone But Retief Is A Moron
Douglas Adams, People In Space Doing Silly Things
David Gerrold, Alien Invasion, Plus Philosophical Tangents And Gay Sex
Joe Haldeman, Thinly-Veiled Vietnam Metaphors
Jerry Pournelle, Shooting Liberals Is Heroic
Michael Crichton, POW! Science, Motherfucker!!
Ray Bradbury, Get Off My Lawn, You Damn Kids
Tags: humor, literature
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