Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Racefail '09: My Musical Contribution

This came to my mind earlier today, when I was driving to work.

(If you're sick of Portal, or the song from it, you probably won't like this as much.)

This was a trainwreck.
I'm making a note here: EPIC FAIL.
It's hard to overstate my jaw-dropped staring.
F./S.F. authors:
"We all show our ass, because we can.
For the good of all the fans
(Except the ones who aren't white).
But there's no sense changing our opinions on race;
Angry fans of color? Just the usual case.
And if they point and if they scoff,
We'll just turn our comments off
To ensure that our fail's still alive."

"We're not even racists.
We're being so sincere right now.
Even though we threatened not to print you.
And outed your real name.
(Apology cake: It was a lie.)
When you flamed, it hurt, because
We're really allies of you!
Now your posts of anger show you have the wrong tone;
Our feelings hurt so much, we'll take our ball and go home.
It's too bad we can't discuss,
'Cause you only scream and cuss.
It's your fault that our fail's still alive."

"Go ahead and leave us.
We think we'd prefer to just not care.
And this wank just is far too much teal deer.
We really are sorry.
And our novels will be great,
Because you all said so much.
Look at us, still talking when there's novels to write--
They are all about how much it's hard to be white.
This experiment was fun,
All our research now is done.
We don't care that our fail's still alive."

And believe me, this fail's still alive.
As they write novels, their fail's still alive.
They're Guests of Honor-- their fail's still alive.
When they're derailing, their fail's still alive.
As fans leave fandom, their fail is alive.
Is alive.
Is alive.
Tags: fandom, i'm not a good songwriter, politics
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