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Books, with footnotes. (This entry has the footnotes, not the books.)

I'm reading the Knights Who Say "Fuck" Pardon Me, But Could You Paint Your Loathsomeness In Broader Strokes? Don't Get Too Attached To Anyone, I'm Just Sayin' Song Of Ice And Fire series at the moment-- well, I've been reading it since about the end of April, and I'm about 3/4 of the way through the 4th book so far.
And yeah, I'll be blunt-- it's not great literature, there's a fair amount (by which I mean "several thousand metric assloads") of gruesomeness and grim squick(*) throughout, the dramatis personae reads like a telephone book, and George R. R. Martin seems to have graduated from the James Clavell School Of Starting A Scene Right After The Action Has Ended And Then Describing What Happened In Flashback(**).
Be that as it may, I'm still hooked on the series, if for no other reason than I want to know what happens next(***). My outer adult cringes at the indefensible stuff that goes on in the books, but my inner child is all "THIS IS SO COOL." The series is a flashy thunderous darkly glistening gory brain-Twinkie of a read, and it's kind of a nice touch that every book in the series can, at least once, make me say "Hey, I really like this character! Wow, this character's really in a tight spot! I wonder how this character will get out of WHAT."(****)

I also totally want to read fanfiction where Tyrion Lannister and Miles Vorkosigan end up becoming BFFs(*****).

(*) Which is totally going to be the name of my death metal group one day.

(**) Football team: The Fightin' Rashomons. And they are so totally going to State this year.

(***) But I'll say this right now-- If I ever start bitching about "omg when is the next book going to come out omgwtfbbq", all of you may feel free to point and laugh in my face.

(****) This is not to say that I enjoy GRRM playing the Grim Reaper with his POV characters (DEAR GEORGE R.R. MARTIN: WILL YOU PLEASE STOP KILLING OFF CHARACTERS I LIKE, FUCKING PLEASE, KTHX). But I will say that those moments were completely unexpected, so on that score I say "well done, sir." It also says something that even the moments where characters I like get killed off-- and there are plenty-- do not make me want to throw the book across the room, so that puts it one up on both Cryptonomicon and The Broom Of The System, which I think says something. (Whether this says something about the books themselves or my own taste and intellect is left as an exercise for the reader.)

(*****) Or take over their own nation. You know. Whichever.
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