Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale


I'm too burned out to get too salty over the recent Presidential election, so I'm just going to make a few brief points to start with.

I'm beyond done with Bernie Sanders fans saying the Democratic Party primary was "rigged" and that Trump won because Hillary Clinton was just so unlikable. First off, Clinton won the primary because she got three million more votes than Sanders -- most of which were from women and people of color. To immediately turn around and cry "the fix is in!" from that is pretty disturbing.
Second off, to say "The Dems should have fielded Bernie instead of Hillary" is to say "We could have won this election if only we pandered more to the prejudices of white people." And if you're trying to convince me that a Jewish socialist could have defeated a candidate that was backed and supported by literal Nazis, not the fun Indiana Jones kind of Nazis, as well as the KKK and the nattering nabobs of Breitbart, my response to that is: lol k
Finally, the only people responsible for Donald Trump winning the election are the people who actually voted for Donald Trump. Saying otherwise is a weak attempt to shift blame onto the allies you see as insufficiently pure.

Now for concrete action. First, you can donate to organizations that help people who are going to be threatened by the Trump administration. Here's a list of them; you can use the links to donate, or if need be, you can use them to find resources for you and yours.

The Trevor Project

Trans Lifeline

Planned Parenthood

Women's Medical Fund

Lambda Legal

The American Civil Liberties Union

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Southern Poverty Law Center

The Council on American-Islamic Relations

The National Immigrant Justice Center
National Immigration Law Center

This link can help you find LGBTQ-related pro/low bono legal services (also contains immigration/asylum legal services as well)

This link can help you find trans*-related legal services

This link can help you find pro bono immigration-related legal services

Second, contact your elected representatives. Legislators do pay attention to constituents who contact them - particularly ones who contact them on a regular basis. You can use this link to find out who your legislators are, at the federal, state, and local level:

Take care of yourselves.
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