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More political salt

So everyone's talking about the white working class and its importance in the recent election. Usually, this is in the context of people pointing fingers at the Democratic Party for caring too much about the "bubble of coastal elites" and ignoring the concerns of Real America. In this narrative, rural and working class white people voted for Trump because of their economic anxiety, and so the Democratic Party (along with anyone to the left of President Bush) should have empathy and understanding for them instead of saying "holy shit, you voted for a white nationalist."


Here is a study the Kaiser Foundation conducted between August and September 2016 with working-class Americans about their opinions on where the United States is and where it's headed. I'll give you the tl;dr here:
For working-class/non-college-educated whites, 84% felt the US government was not representing the views of people like themselves.
62% blamed the federal government for their economic problems.
65% believed that "Christian values" were under attack.
47% believed that immigrants were a burden to society; 55% believed the federal government should deport them en masse.
63% believed that Muslim immigrants increased the risk of terror attacks; 51% believed that Hispanic immigrants took jobs away from Americans, while 49% believed that they added to the crime problem.

79% described their own lives as "happy", while 76% felt "optimistic" about how things were going.
63% described themselves as satisfied with their own financial situation.
77% felt their jobs were secure.
42% reported that they or a family member received a raise or promotion at their job, while only 32% reported that they had lost a job or had their hours reduced.

My takeaway from this: Working class whites may have anxiety, but it doesn't look economic at all to me.

(In a related story, Maybe you should show some empathy for the flesh-eating blob monsters.)

I'm finding it curious that the left wing is always the one that gets called on to reach out, to compromise, to not get so angry, to not speak so loudly -- in short, to pander to the sensitivities of mainstream white America.

I'm finding it curious that while Hillary Clinton won a majority of votes from 1) voters who made under $50,000 a year and 2) non-white voters, she and her party get accused of being out of touch with Real America.

I'm finding it curious that Hillary Clinton is continually called a horrible candidate to run when, out of the seventeen people who ran against Donald Trump, she received the most votes by far.

I'm finding it curious that the same people who promised they would take to the streets to seek "Second Amendment solutions" in October, when Hillary Clinton was leading in the polls, are now morally outraged that the people who are most at threat under a Trump administration are protesting his election.

I'm finding it curious that a rural town of five thousand mostly-white people is considered Real America, and the urban corridor with fifty million diverse people is not.

I'm finding it curious that the Oath Keepers, a group of US servicemen who have loudly pledged that they will refuse to follow any "unconstitutional" order or to fire on American civilians, are ominously silent about the President-Elect's promise to arrest his political enemies, or his promise to round up "undesirables."

I'm finding it curious that the people who have been screaming for the past eight years that Barack Obama was going to round up Americans and put them into internment camps are now applauding a President-Elect who is openly promising to round up Americans and put them into internment camps.
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