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Harry Potter

I've just returned from L.'s place. I went over for the air conditioning, initially. Then she let me read her copy of Order of the Phoenix. "You can read it, as long as it doesn't leave the house," she informed me.

Seven hours and change later, I'm back home, and with the book finished.

Tonks. That's all I've got to say. Break me off a piece of that. Oh, and Luna's pretty fine too, I think. Heh. And now, thanks to the miracle of teenagers with computers, we can get any number of yuri stories involving the two of them! Wai!

And are we supposed to look at Sirius' family tree and say to ourselves "yup, all the purebloods are a bunch of inbreds?" Just a thought. Though it would explain rather a lot about Malfoy...
(I've got myself a daughter, she's a mongoloid,
'Cause I married my sister and my gene pool's been destroyed!

--The Dead Milkmen)

Once I knew this guy who went to school with my dad. He was like my dad and my brother wrapped into one. He looked out for me and took care of me. He even busted out of prison to help me. And he let me crash at his place too. Now he dead from Voldemort.

...I'll be quiet now.
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