Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

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Daily Update

The neighborhood is getting into a festive mood and setting off M-80s nonstop. Either that, or somebody's refighting the Battle of the Marne in the parking lot across the street.

Whoever it was was doing it muchly last night too. Can't tell if this was in connection with the fireworks, but there ended up being a fire in one of the dumpsters across the street, so I got to see the LFD put the smack down on it.

In other news, got my name in the system for temp work over the summer. *crosses fingers* Being poor is starting to seriously annoy me. I wish the last week of August would hurry up and get here already, so I can go back to what I laughingly refer to as my "real" job.

I think I'm going to go shower, wait for the mail, and go to L.'s to mooch off her air-conditioning.
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