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Ahh. The start of another productive week, I suppose.

The weekend wasn't too eventful; I spent most of it staying around the house trying to keep cool.

Due to lack of money, I wasn't actually able to purchase fireworks on Friday, unlike most other people in the neighborhood. This not-having-money stuff is seriously starting to chafe my ass. Thankfully, I'm able to start collecting unemployment, so that should help things out a little. Or at least it will when I start receiving the checks.

Saturday was more of the same, though Saturday night A. and I went to go see Nowhere In Africa, which I rather enjoyed. Go see it if you get the chance; I highly recommend it. Plus it was good to sit in the air conditioning for a couple hours.

Yesterday, I decided to go to Barnes & Noble at Southpointe and browse around there for a few hours. Browsing around in bookstores nowadays, however, tends to dispirit me and make me mean-mad, more so than usual. I can only take so much of people bewailing the supposed massive anti-war bias in the U.S. right now, or asserting that any opposition to U.S. policy is no different than, say, blowing up the World Trade Center. But hey, that's just my French-loving commie pinko queer bias talking. Still, the trip ended up being a worthy one; I browsed through Bill Bryson's latest, A Short History of Everything, and I think I might have to borrow it from the library soon. Also, I discovered the gift card I had in my wallet; not only that, there was a goodly amount of money left on it. So I used it to purchase the DVD of They Might Be Giants' Live From Brooklyn. Yes, I already have it on tape, but the extra features are worth it. (For example, the audio commentary by the Johns, talking about the making of the videos.)

And today, I need to go up to campus and do some paperwork. Catch you on the flip side.
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