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Daily report

So, yeah. I have no idea what was up with me Friday night, but I'm feeling much better, again.

Last week I was sitting in on L.'s Comp 1 class so I could see how she does it. Hopefully this'll help me teach it better when my own classes start at the end of August. (Subject of a future rant: the teaching of composition at universities--what the teachers do wrong, as well as what the students do wrong. In this activity, there is no blamelessness. Watch this space!)
In addition to observing her class, I've also been re-hammering my syllabus. I'm teaching from two wholly new books this year (for those of you keeping score at home, I'm going to be assigning my students to read Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Studs Terkel's "The Good War:" An Oral History of World War Two), so I'm also trying to figure out what chunks of the books to assign and when.

Last night, A. came over and we watched Terry Jones' miniseries about the Crusades, which was quite interesting. Plus it also had interviews with Karen Armstrong, which I enjoyed seeing. Those of you who are regular readers of my journal are likely to already know my opinion on the Crusades in general, though I must admit I knew next to nothing about the history of them. Education and entertainment, that's what I like.

And today, apis_mellifera and bafleyanne are going out to see They Might Be Giants. And I am not (mostly because I'm 1300 miles away from where the concert is). And I hope they can feel my raging jealousy. Feel it! Feel it, I say!
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