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Unemployment update.

So, I've finally started to get money from the unemployment agency, which is all to the good. I can now afford my rent for next month; if I get another check or two, I can afford to renew my license plates and pay off a bill or two that I've been neglecting.

However. They still want written proof that I'm applying to two places per week, yadda yadda. And today, I got a thing in the mail telling me that I had been selected for "a special program of services designed to help you find work." Fair enough, but then it goes on to say that I'm required to take part in this program--if I don't, I don't get any more money. What's more, I have to be downtown by 8:30 Tuesday morning to attend the orientation meeting, which looks to be totally lame-assed and full of Franklin/Covey leadership MBA bullshit about "networking" and "marketing your skills."

But the part that annoys me the most is that in the letter, they said I've been selected for this program in the first place because "you are not expected to return to your employer." What the shit? Were these people fucking deaf when I told them my new contract started the last week of August? Which is also the reason the two-applications-a-week thing is pointless--who the fuck is going to hire someone for four weeks or less? Especially since I keep getting the "nothing for you this week, try back later" song-and-dance from the temp agencies.

And this is the part that is going to sound snotty and elitist. No, I didn't try applying to work at the various fast-food places around town. Whenever I thought about it.... okay, let me put it to you like this. When I was growing up, I was always told to stay in school and go to college--otherwise, I'd end up working at a fast-food restaurant. And here I am, with ten years of higher education, even extra letters after my name--and I'm supposed to jump right in and start jockeying a deep-fryer? Thank you, no.

NOW: I have nothing against the people who do this for a living. Or people who've done it in the past. And I realize that a lot of people are reading this right now and saying "Fuckin' college boy thinks he's too good to work at the burger joint--well, fuck you, rich motherfucker." And you know, whatever. There's nothing I'd be able to say to change your mind about that, anyhow. And that reaction is exactly why I don't want to work at a fast-food place--I wouldn't get along with coworkers, managers, etc. And I'd be even more miserable when I got home than I was when I worked at the bookstore.

Anyway. I'm going to call for clarification at the unemployment place tomorrow, and to remind them that yes, I am returning to my employer fairly soon now. It'd be nice if they still gave me the money while I waited, but if they don't, I think I'll be all right. I'll be able to pay all my bills off before they're 90 days overdue in any event.
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