Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

You know when you're updating your journal, and you're all ready to hit the "Update" button, and then your browser crashes on you, and everything goes away so you have to type it up again all from memory? God, I hate that.

Anyway. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you all know I'm doing all right and feeling better since the last time I wrote. I promise that I'll have a longer entry soon about the seminar yesterday.

Well, that, and I also wanted to post this exchange from the episode of Law & Order I saw yesterday:

(Some rich dude): [The suspect] and his father, they're all alike with their Irish temper. They lose control, and next thing you know you have a murder.
Jack McCoy: Oh, Harrigan did it because he's a mick? Detective Logan's a mick. I'm a mick, sir, and if you don't shut up, I'll lose control and throw you out of the room.

And that made me laugh more than it should've.
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