Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
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Meh. Stayed up far too late finishing up grading and suchlike. Well, it's my own fault for spending too much time yesterday hanging out with uncreativity and yuuo at crisi83's House O' Luv And Anime And Cool Figurines And Cable Internet.

I saw Ebichu and Bible Black yesterday. Both for the first time. That is all I need to say. Oh, and I played Dance Dance Revolution for the first time yesterday too. Damn crazy kids today with their dancing games that an old codger like me can't play well. A pox on them, I say!

Today in my 12:30 class, I actually wore my hair down instead of pulling it back like I usually do. (also wore khakis and a button-down green plaid shirt and a tweed blazer over it, which is totally a Queer Eye tip, so I guess I'm stylish now? yes? okay.)

I'm off to get something to eat now. And then gaming. I've missed being Vincent The Angsty Swordbish lately.

Tomorrow: Survivor starts, and I make with the sarcasm.
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