Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale
manos74 has just topped my shit list.

You bastards.

(edited to add: Okay, yes, I know I'm just playing into their hands, and doing everything that adult authority figures would always tell me to do whenever I got teased as a kid, viz: "Just ignore them! If you go nuts and give them a reaction, you'll just encourage them!" But you know? If nobody stands up to these rancid-assed motherfuckers who just spend all their time thinking about what's "cool," who think that what's "cool" depends on "what gets the opposite sex to fuck me," who spew their shit-assed opinions over the mass media--if nobody stands up to these submoronic piles of shit, what the fuck's going to ever change, huh? Sometimes, you need to stand up to cultural bullies like this.)
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