Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

So I'm browsing on the internet, looking for information, or at least a general overview, about Francis Galton (the founder of the eugenics movement), in order for me to flesh out my annotated bibliography for history class.

The best overview site about Galton I can find is run by Eugenics Watch--a hardcore Catholic antiabortion site (because, as everyone knows, abortion is the government's way to control who breeds and who doesn't) that asserts any movement that even resembles eugenics will lead a society down the slippery slope to genocide.

The best rebuttal site to that one is by someone who's railing against Eugenics Watch's "hardcore Marxism" and "political correctness." And basically taking the stand of "Eugenics is really good and just gets a bad rap from people who don't understand it!" Which I'd be more sympathetic to if he didn't also say that black people got more abortions than white people because black people were more promiscuous and less responsible.

Wank? You're soaking in it!
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