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So as I said earlier, I've made it to Delaware safely. All things considered, it was a pretty relaxing time in Michigan with my family. Though I did help my sister move into a new place (as well as help my dad with the remodeling), at least it kept my exercise levels up.

I got to see my Michigan-side friends too, so that was fine. Also got loaned a few tapes of Marmalade Boy for apis_mellifera's benefit, and I snagged the first few eps of Fushigi Yuugi which I haven't seen yet. And speaking of anime, I was at my cousins' house on Saturday and my cousin Geoff showed me the first episode of Hellsing, which I think I'm definitely going to have to see more of (more so since the medieval-dress-wearing girls at anime club keep telling me I look like Walter, so I need to see more eps so's I can get new cosplay ideas because it's unlikely I'll be devoting any more effort on my Dryden costume). Also on Saturday my cousins roped me into playing DDR of all things, which I'd only played once before with uncreativity and yuuo...and this time did not go any easier. Fie on you crazy kids and your energetic dancing games! Give me Defender any day!

As for Christmas itself, it was enjoyable, and I got far more than I deserved. (Got clothes and some DVD's, most notably Fargo and The Right Stuff) Though I did come down with some head-cold-related thing on Christmas day, which I'm still getting over.

And now I'm here to relax before going back into the classroom two weeks from today. Go me.
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