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So, it's the close of another year. And I'm feeling the urge to go back and think about what's all happened this year, for whatever navelgazing reason.

Unfortunately...I find that I have nothing really profound or meaningful to say, and I wish I did. All things considered, it's been a fairly good year for me. Even though I had to deal with some bad stuff (most notably, bad evaluations from my students, a summer with more leeching off people than I was comfortable with, and a couple very nasty spats with people I care about very much), I had some very good times. And I suppose I'm wiser now, in some ways.

The biggest highlight of this year has been the many kindnesses my friends have shown me. I'm very grateful for all you've done for me (like, say, listening to me babble on about inconsequential things that I take too seriously), and I'm very thankful that you're all a part of my life.

Maybe I'll be more introspective later. After all, this coming year is the year I officially say farewell to my carefree youth (um. or something), officially taking my place as Auron to everyone else's Tidus or Rikku. (Hey, I won't get the chance to use videogame metaphors for too much longer here; you'll just have to indulge me.) And while I won't be getting my doctorate this coming year, I'll certainly be far closer to it three hundred sixty-five days from now.

And for all you Nebraska people, I'll look forward to seeing you when I return.

Happy new year, everyone.
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