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Since I've gotten access to it again at apis_mellifera's place, I've started playing FF8 again. Why? Because I like pain, apparently. Anyway, last night I got to the assassination-mission part. And I have to say that my hate--my utter deep and abiding loathing--for Rinoa's existence woke up with a vengeance.

Okay: Those of you who actually like Rinoa--WHY?? How the hell can you like a character who doesn't do much except get in the way of the characters who actually know what they're supposed to be doing? Oh, she's a brave resistance fighter; oh, this isn't a game to her; oh, it's her survival at stake. I dismiss all that with a wanking motion. It's almost exactly like a fifteen year old girl posting fanfiction to the internet and then threatening suicide because not everyone comments it's the most stunning thing they've ever read. (Which, come to think of it, is a reaction a lot of older published writers have, but that's a rant for another day.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, getting a hate-on for Rinoa, right. So yeah, there everyone is, getting ready to go off on the mission all Splinter Cell style...and then who should walk in but Rinoa--"Hi u guyz!1!11 i've got this gr8 idea!111!! Let's put this jelly bracelet on the sorceress XDXDLOL!!111!!one". And naturally, Quistis, as the Voice of Reason, says "No. Get out of our way you silly twit." And then Rinoa goes all "oooooo teh ANGST".

Which is fine and well, because I like seeing incompetent people get a comeuppance. But then--THEN--Quistis gets run over by the Plot Device Truck and has to go back and apologize (Apologize!! OMGWTFBBQ bitch, please) and then go through a lame puzzle and get dumped in the sewers and gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I hate Rinoa.
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