Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Ever since arriving in Delaware, I've been struck by how unlike Nebraska this part of the country is. In Lincoln, everything's very compact, pressed together, arranged as neatly as if drafted on a sheet of graph paper or clicked into place in some Maxis simulation. Not so here...everything's spread out sporadically, like the buildings and roads have been cast out from someone's throwing hand. Clusters of buildings with stretches of woods separating them, or ten or twelve businesses spread piecemeal along the side of a mile's worth of road, or routes cutting off in unexpected directions. There's more stuff here than in Lincoln--but more significantly, there's far more space separating the stuff than there is in Lincoln. The roads don't seem to run truly north-south or east-west the way they do in Lincoln. This is a region of curves and loops, sways and chicanes. And there are seagulls too.

In other news, someone must've heard me bitching in my previous entry, and the upshot is that I scratched Disc 2 when I was trying to put it into the PSX earlier today, so now it won't load up. Bugger.
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