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Got to have lunch with drmm yesterday, which was nice since I hadn't seen her since my birthday and I hadn't seen her for like two years before that. And I got to show her my office too, and she seemed impressed enough.

(Well, what can I say--it's no fun having a domain if you can't show it off and have people be impressed by it, ne?)

Recently, however, my throat started hurting a bit again. I looked down my throat with a flashlight last night, and noticed that my right tonsil has swollen to about twice its normal size. Meep. The scary thing is, I feel perfectly fine otherwise. A little tired, but what else is new these days.

Today is Mardi Gras, I've just realized. If I were thinking more coherently, I would have organized a party and had people over, like I did last year. Oh well. I've got paczki and beer--that should be enough celebration. (Granted, I won't have people taking their shirts off for beads, but I think it's probably a bit chilly for that anyhow. Though that gives me an idea--see next filtered entry...)

And finally, there are songs that always make me sad to listen to, but I can't stop listening to them because I really like them. "My Immortal" by Evanescence is one of them. And, to be really lame, "No Myth" by Michael Penn is another. (Everyone knows that song. Yes, you do. It's the "What if I were Romeo in black jeans?" song. I say I'm lame for being made sad by it because getting emotional over a Top 40 pop-rock song from the 80s is going to seriously damage my indie cred.)
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