Miles Coverdale (manos74) wrote,
Miles Coverdale

Phone Post: manos ramblings take one

167K 0:46
“So hi, I'm trying out this new phone post thing... gateway whatever you want to call it. uhm, so apparently they they don't have any numbers to post in nebraska, so I'm usuing my long distance card and usuing the.. what the hell is this.. the Anarber (SP?) number so it's kind of strange if u think about it. So Hopefully I'll get the hang of it ss-now well in the future anyway, because I can never seem to say... well I can never know what to say when I'm on the phone.. which is why I probably why I won't be using this much... So those of you who want to know what I sound like can a-a.. get there answers
answered tonight.. and uhm....yeah.... I think i'll write out something more later. Okay bye”

Transcribed by: lady_koneko
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