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The other meme.

Here are ten random lines from songs I've been listening to lately. Again, presented in no particular order:

I've got my 'lectric guitar / I play my stupid songs / I write these stupid words / And I love everyone / Waiting there for me, yes I do
---Weezer, "In the Garage" (the ultimate geek-pride song)

Berlin, city of night / You sleep between the East and West, along the Left and Right / Broken, kept from the light / You close your eyes and everything remains in black and white / Berlin, when will you fight / The mind that draws the border no one crosses in the city of night
--Peter Schilling, "City of Night (Berlin)" (this song always makes me think of either Deling City or Midgar, and I don't know why)

Forget your yin / And go fuck your yang / It seems that you rang / And it seems I'm only answering
--Frank Black, "Hermaphroditos" (off Dog in the Sand; I had a real problem making up my mind about which lyrics to use, simply because there are so many good ones from all the songs on the album)

You know, I spent fifteen years in a life raft / Fifteen years in a life raft / Now I've got something to say / Stay in your lifeboats, people / Stay in your lifeboats, people / It's murder out there, murder out there / Sharks patrol these waters
--Morphine, "Sharks" (Mark Sandman, in pace requiescat)

Women are sweet / And girls are honey / But beat your meat / And save your money
--Crispin Hellion Glover, "Automanipulator" (I <3 this album, and <3 N. even more for giving it to me, since aside from this song, she can't stand any of it)

All right, pure delight, to see you stand in all your glory / O the joys when your boys hit distant soil / Won't abide, pushed aside, let me know when you've decided / I'll decline when the sign says "Over there"
--The Connells, "Over There" (I don't think I need to say anything more in light of recent events)

And if a double-decker bus / Crashes into us / To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die / And if a ten-ton truck / Kills the both of us / To die by your side, well the pleasure and the privilege is mine
--The Smiths, "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" (which I have a soft spot for, since N. sang this verse to me on our first date, so...)

One thousand miles an hour / I'm just like anyone / I want to feel / The road of tar beneath the wheel / Named extinction
--Pixies, "The Sad Punk" (Trompe le Monde, I think, is a vastly underrated album--I can't understand why everyone hates it)

Got Flossy and Bossy and Rosebud too / They swish their tails and they all say "moo" / Well, when I feed 'em and milk 'em, feel my temperature rise / I see a little twinkle in those big brown eyes
--Guadalcanal Diary, "Cattle Prod" (yes, this is a song about bestiality, thanks for asking)

The shadows gather 'round as / The voice recites / The secret history of / My immortal soul / Indestructible / Indefensible / Reprehensible / Ten thousand years of unerasable acts / And permanent facts
--They Might Be Giants, "Reprehensible" (I don't care how dark the lyrics are, this song swings)

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